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"I was impressed with Sarah's professionalism and her knowledge of the health market . . .  I hope to work with her again on future projects and recommend her services to others" Julie Bridge, Internet Marketing Director, More Testimonials 


Natural Health Marketers: 

How To Make An Offer Your Customers Can't Refuse . . .



"Sarah is a very smart, detail oriented writer and marketer. She cares about her clients and goes the extra mile to provide great work from concept to completion. Her nutrition knowledge is particularly helpful. Combine that with her SEO writing skills ... and her ability to work well with a team and you have a healthy marketing powerhouse."
- Clay Schultz, Director of Marketing,



"Some writers have the ability to absorb a large amount of complex information and then write on that topic with amazing clarity. Other writers have a talent for writing strong, persuasive sales copy. Sarah is one of a very small group of writers who can do both."
- Nick Usborne, Web Optimization Expert and Copywriter


It ain't easy out there . . .


The natural health marketplace is competitive and tough!


You need someone who can help you grab your prospect's attention, glue it to the solution you offer and make it seem just about unreasonable to step away from it.

  • As a natural health company, you're facing an increasingly skeptical and well-informed market. You have to work hard to build trust.     
  • Your market is tighter with their purse strings.  Each marketing touch has to convince your prospects that your product is worth the price. 


In order to achieve marketing success,


You need a copywriter and marketer who understands the natural health marketplace


Someone who can bring to your marketing . . . 


      Powerful writing skills that make it easy for your prospects to move through your sales funnel. A professional writer for over 15 years, I know how to wield the power of the pen (or keyboard)!


      Persuasion tools of the copywriting trade honed from lots of practice, experience and watching what's working around me. I tap into the copywriting techniques that have stood the test of time as well as keep an eye on new approaches that show promise.


      Technical knowledge - The best copy comes from a thorough understanding of the fine points of your product and how it interacts with human biology. My BA in Biology and health educator background come in handy as I pore over published scientific journal articles on PubMed, interview experts and delve into your product's qualities.


      Empathy. Perhaps more important than knowing the science is knowing who I'm writing to. I spend many hours poring over testimonials, lurking on forums and even calling your prospects up on the phone to get a clearer sense of what people are aching to fix in their lives.  


   Some Saleslady Savvy. Knowing how to write copy without an understanding of the larger marketing picture is like knowing how to kick a soccer ball without understanding anything about the game of soccer. Sure you can kick the ball - but can you get a goal? I bring tactics and strategy into the larger discussion so we can make sure the copy I craft for you will score. 


When you bring me in to work with your marketing team, you add a whole new dimension to your marketing.


But don't just take my word for it. Here's what a few of my satisfied clients have to say . . .


"Sarah continues to impress me with every article she writes for Jigsaw Health. With each new release, she delivers valuable information to our readers, and consequently, we see a marked spike in sales. Her writing is smooth, engaging, and intelligent…a real pleasure to read! Her passion for the health and wellness field is obvious in her work, and she communicates every topic with clarity and influence. I highly recommend her to anyone (except our competitors!) in need of top quality content that really sells."
- Karin Sullivan, Marketing Manager, Jigsaw Health



"I was very impressed with Mrs. Clachar's professionalism as well as her writing and research strengths. She provided guidance and offered many helpful suggestions to improve our project. I was most impressed with the extra touches, the follow up and the heart that she put into the project. She was a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone."

- Adena Surabian, President, Nature’s Baby Organic


And from a B2B perspective . . .



"Sarah’s first rate writing reflects her experience and knowledge working in the natural health industry. She can always be counted to deliver a polished piece of writing that for our company generates industry awareness of our products and ultimately contributes to increased sales. Our company believes in educating our clients so that they can make an informed purchase decision and this was made possible through the two white paper reports professionally crafted by Sarah."
-Steve Siegel, Vice President Marketing And Sales, Ecuadorian Rainforest, LLC



Our website wasn't working for us. We had visitors coming in but very few were contacting our sales team. Sarah helped us turn this around. She performed a thorough site content audit, rewrote our core pages and created a stellar report, video and autoresponder series.

Since implementing the marketing funnel she created, we've had a 20% increase in leads. But even more importantly, these leads are already pre-sold on our services helping us with our lead conversion. And we're even saving our sales team time with some of the pre-qualifying of leads Sarah set up in the lead generation process. Overall, investing in Sarah's expertise and keen understanding of the nutrition industry has been invaluable for my business. I highly recommend her to any nutrition business seeking to improve their B2B marketing.
-Bret Hoyt, Sr. CEO/President, Vitakem Nutraceuticals


When you choose my services, you're taking the first step to crafting an offer your customers can't refuse . . . an offer built on emotional pull, credibility and distinction.


Find out what my natural health marketing and copywriting services can do for you.  Send me an email (sarah @ for your FREE introductory problem-solving consultation. (30 minutes) 


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