5 Online Marketing Mistakes

You’re Marketing Your Natural Health Business Online . . . But Are You Making These 5 Mistakes?

Certainly online is the place to be.  But are you wasting precious dollars by neglecting the fundamentals?

You might very well be – I see it all the time with my clients and when I surf the web.  Too many online businesses are ignoring the fundamentals of creating a solid home base to operate from.

In this free report, 5 Internet Marketing Mistakes . . . And How To Fix Them For Online Success, I lay it out for you:

  • Why a pretty website may not work. And what should come before design.
  • Why you’re getting lost in the internet jungle despite your fine products.  And how to get found.
  •  The simple common sense truth behind SEO;
  • The 3 critical things each page on your website must answer;
  • The 1-2 Step for turning MAYBE’s into YES’s;
  • The number one mistake made in most free reports and white papers according to white paper expert, Michael Stelzner;
  • What tone in your copy will help you soar above your competitors and bond your customers to you;
  • And more . . .