About Sarah Clachar:
A Natural Health Copywriter And Direct Response Marketer Who Works A Bit Like –Well – Radish Seeds

This may sound a little crazy to you – but radishes have a lot to do with results-oriented copywriting . . .

  • Radishes are one of the most reliable crops to grow – you get a good harvest no matter what.
  • And – like a good acquisition package – radishes can help other “backend”, harder to grow, more delicious harvests come in. In my garden I use radishes to soften the soil and make it easier for beets and carrots sprout and grow.
  • Finally, radishes have a nice (subtle) peppery bite that gets your attention without you spitting them out.

That’s what I do with my copywriting. I focus on how I can get you a reliable, bountiful harvest by planting “radish seeds”.

  • First, I learn everything I can about your product and what it does. Often enough, as I research I discover information my clients didn’t know about their product.
  • Then (and this is an essential step too many lazy copywriters don’t go far enough in) I zero in on the starving crowd that really wants your product like nobody else. See, I don’t just want to know about “your market” . . . I’m trying to find the people who will welcome your offer like someone with a terribly itchy back gets excited about a backscratcher.
  • Then I work to turn all this into a headline and lead that your market immediately recognizes as the answer to their prayers. So when it comes to the call to action and making the purchase, they can hardly wait to send in their order.

But my work doesn’t end there. Because I want to make sure whatever copy I create for you works the best it can in the big scheme of things.

  • I work with my clients to think not only about copy but also the offer . . . the lists . . . the whole marketing funnel!

I’ve written enough juicy copy that’s grown old and moldy with poor marketing execution to know better than to just write the words and dance away.

Want to know more? Here’s what a few of my clients have to say . . .

“We Haven’t Seen A Response Like That In Months!”

Sun Chlorella USA has been active in the direct mail business for over 30 years now and has produced many winning direct mail pieces throughout the last three decades . . . Last winter we enlisted Sarah to write a new direct mail piece that included two (test) cover versions. The DM pieces began mailing in May 2013 and so far so good! Both versions have outperformed the control. We mailed in June and the top producing version reached a .9718% result. We hadn’t seen a response like that in many months! Working with you, Sarah, has been rewarding on many levels. You get it. You offer wonderful insights. I look forward to a long-lasting business relationship with you.

Rose J. Straub, Vice President, Sun Chlorella USA

“Consistently Pulled In Record Number Sales!”

I worked with Sarah in 2013/2014 when I was Chief Marketing Officer at a top alternative health publisher. Sarah wrote a package for a new product launch of a high-end, anti-aging skin care serum. The copy was very strong and outperformed another version in an A/B split test.  In addition, after changing looks and layouts yet keeping the original copy, each version thereafter consistently pulled in record number sales. Sarah is a talented, passionate copywriter that delivers to her target audience and creates a piece that is perfectly suited for them. She understands the entire creative/marketing process and is open to collaborating with the in-house team on brainstorming sessions. I enjoyed working with Sarah and will continue to tap into her skills whenever strong promotional copy is needed for one of my consulting clients.

Wendy Montes de Oca, President and founder, Precision Marketing and Media, LLC

“Investing In Sarah’s Expertise And Keen Understanding Of The Nutrition Industry Has Been Invaluable For My Business”

Our website wasn’t working for us. We had visitors coming in but very few were contacting our sales team. Sarah helped us turn this around. She performed a thorough site content audit, rewrote our core pages and created a stellar report, video and autoresponder series. Since implementing the marketing funnel she created, we’ve had a 20% increase in leads. But even more importantly, these leads are already pre-sold on our services helping us with our lead conversion.  And we’re even saving our sales team time with some of the pre-qualifying of leads Sarah set up in the lead generation process. Overall, investing in Sarah’s expertise and keen understanding of the nutrition industry has been invaluable for my business. I highly recommend her to any nutrition business seeking to improve their B2B marketing.

Bret Hoyt, Sr., President, Vitakem Nutraceuticals

Could you be the next person to add your excitement to these testimonials?

I’m looking to work with committed marketers who are data hounds, testing fanatics, results-oriented.

A few more details:

  • I specialize in natural health, biz op, and information marketing, both B2B and B2C.
  • I write direct mail packages, magalogs, video sales letter scripts, ecommerce web pages, autoresponders and more. Occasionally I’ll do a full content marketing package for a client. Or include info-product or content creation in a larger total package that includes marketing copy.

Look, you may also be interested in the fact that

  • I’m a very small-scale farmer growing most of my family’s food with the help of my husband, two kids and a tractor . . .
  • Or that I love mountain biking, backcountry skiing and watching my two track star kids compete . . .
  • Or that I have a BA in biology and get lost in my Pub-Med research . . .
  • Or that I’ve been known to have a bunch of reishi mushrooms I found in the woods drying in one of my cars . . . and kim chi fermenting in my basement . . .
  • Or that I have a mean right hook (along with a sharp, powerful jab and left uppercut) and I know how to put someone in a joint-busting arm bar if they act up . . .

Essentially, I’m not fluffy. I mean business. And I bring this to my work.

But what’s most important in your book – obviously – is that I focus on results. And that I work closely with my clients to improve on these results.

Great ideas are one thing. But they don’t fund payroll or cover manufacturing expenses or pay the postage for your next mailing.

If this sounds like the kind of copywriter your business needs, let’s schedule an initial half-hour intake meeting. It’s free.

Fair warning: I tend to book at least 2-4 months ahead. If you’d like to suss out whether working with me makes sense, I recommend emailing me sooner rather than later.

I hope to hear from you and look forward to working with you,

Sarah Clachar

Founder and Sole Proprietor, Healthy Marketing Ideas

P.S. There are a few other things you should know about what I’ll bring to your marketing projects:

  1. I’ll make sure you get a few different test panels right from square one.
  2. If my package doesn’t do so hot and we have a royalty agreement (and it’s still my package – you haven’t rewritten it), I’ll create an entirely new package to test. No additional charge. Just keep the royalty agreement in place.
  3. Once I get the control, I won’t let up and rest on my laurels. I will try to beat my control and keep your results going even higher.

Find out what my natural health marketing and copywriting services can do for you.  Send me an email for your FREE introductory problem-solving consultation. (30 minutes)