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Why I’m A Not Just A Copywriter–But A Direct Response Copywriter – For The Alternative Health Market

If you’re a direct response marketer, you probably don’t need to read this. But if you’re not familiar with direct response marketing, this will help you understand what I do that’s different from many copywriters out there.

I focus on response.

That’s what direct response copywriting (and marketing) is about.

Let me explain what I mean.

I’m sure you’ve seen those Geico commercials – you know, with the talking gecko . . . Or perhaps with the humorous scenarios like Tarzan and Jane arguing about whether to get directions to the waterfall from a monkey . . .

In any case, these commercials make for great entertainment. I love watching them.

But ask me if I know what they’re selling . . . or why I should buy this product from the company running the ad . . . and I’ll give you a blank look.

These commercials don’t sell. They just entertain. Yes, they capture your attention. But that’s only part of what an ad needs to do. Simply put, an ad needs to convince someone to buy what it’s selling.

And unfortunately too many advertising dollars are spent on trying to entertain and grab attention – rather than selling a product.

Now, this isn’t a problem with big TV ads for major brands. I’ve seen companies get lost in artistic or entertainment endeavors – at the expense of clarity and persuasiveness – on the web, on the radio, in the mail and even on labels.

I’ve seen quite a few websites lose sales because they get rid of persuasive copy in favor of a flourish of beautiful images.

Now, of course, you may say – this is just conjecture. Geico may get a lot of name recognition out of these ads. And that may help bring in customers. And people love a pretty website.

Well, I beg to differ. As I said earlier, I have a hard time remembering what the Geico ads are about. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on beautiful websites and leave before buying because I can’t find much info about their products.

But My Opinion Doesn’t Really Matter!

What matters is whether advertising gets people to buy. Whether an ad makes money for the company.

And many advertisers have no clue whether an ad works or not.

Because most advertising out there doesn’t have a method for measuring results:

  • Focus groups don’t really count. Because people will say something completely different from what they’ll actually do when it comes to making a decision about their hard-earned cash.
  • And overall revenue is a spotty way of measuring a specific ad’s success – or improving on it – because you can’t really separate out all the factors that contribute to a company’s overall revenue.

Direct response marketing and copywriting, on the other hand, can and does measure results.

  • While entertainment can be a part of a successful package, direct response marketing focuses on moving from getting attention with a good headline to persuasively selling products and services.
  • Even more importantly, direct response marketing always has a clear call to action that demands a response. And this response, in turn, can be measured.

So ultimately, when you put a direct response ad out there, you can directly measure how much response it generates. And see how effective it is.

  • Better yet, you can then tweak and test this ad further – seeing how you can improve its results even more.

As a writer, I’ve got to admit I love it when I come up with a clever turn of words or a beautiful verbal image. But I’ve learned to let go of my artistic narcissistic tendencies.

See, over the years I’ve learned that what appeals to me, may not appeal to your prospective customer. And my sole purpose as a copywriter is to create copy that gets your customer to buy from you.

My job is to produce hard-working copy – even if it looks “ugly” or doesn’t seem that exciting and new.

If it gets people to buy your product in droves, it’s a beautiful thing.

And nothing’s more exciting in business than more sales. That never gets old.

You Need Hardworking Copy To Get A Good Response In The Competitive Alternative Health Market

The alternative health market is a skeptical bunch.  They’ve been jaded by big promises that don’t pan out . . . they question their doctors . . . and they like to take charge of their lives.

You’ve got to get their attention in this crowded marketplace. And after that, you’ve got to earn their trust. Then you’ve got to work hard to convince them your product is worth their hard-earned money. And finally, you need to get them to respond to you.

To do this, you need good, solid direct response copywriting. Copywriting that grabs attention, puts some real persuasion power to work and then clearly demands a response.

I’d like to think I’ve perfected the art of persuasion as a mom. But in truth, I’ve learned truckloads from Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Clayton Makepeace, Carline Anglade-Cole, Mark Ford, Bob Bly, Josh Manheimer, Caleb O’Dowd and more.

And I’m still learning . . .

Plus – thanks to the sharp and meticulous direct response marketers I’ve worked with – I get to see how well theory and past experience translates into real numbers reflecting today’s market.

I look forward to translating this experience into helping your business.

If you are looking for a direct response copywriter to help you create . . .

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