A Ghost Writer Who Can Help You Write Your Natural Health Book

There are trillions of great ideas for books in this world . . .

But only a few people who turn these ideas into physical books.

Because between developing a book in your head . . . and putting it on paper . . . is a very tedious process.

Writing a book ain’t easy.

That being said, with the right strategy, organization skills and facility with the written word, you can get a book written in a matter of months.

And that’s where I come in.

I work with aspiring natural health authors to turn their ideas and experiences into solid books.

With over two decades writing professionally about health for a variety of audiences, I can help you turn your book idea into a reality.

To be clear, it will still require some work on your part. I’ll need to interview you several times so I can dig your ideas and experiences out of you. You may have sources and research you need to send over to me. We’ll spend a good deal of time communicating back and forth about the structure and tone of the book. And you’ll be a key part of the editing process.

But the bulk of the work will be taken care of by me.

Special Note For Natural Health Businesses About This Powerful Marketing Tool:

A book can be a powerful marketing tool for your natural health business – even if you don’t sell a single copy. Because . . .

  1. It immediately establishes you as an authority in the field. There’s nothing like saying “author” in your bio or after your name. Maybe you don’t have MD or Ph D after your name. But you have a terrific cure to share with the world. A book gives you the authority you’re missing. And if you are a doctor – so much the better!
  2. It can give your product credibility by delving into research and results in ways that you can’t adequately do in your sales materials. It’s worth noting that there are ways a book can help you discuss the research behind your product and its benefits in ways you cannot ordinarily do in your marketing materials because of FDA regulations.
  3. It’s a wonderful gift or bonus to use in generating leads, boosting sales or retaining customers.
  4. It gets the word out about your business in numerous and unique ways. There’s nothing like a physical book sitting on someone’s coffee table to get the word out. And if you’re listed on Amazon, it’s like you have super SEO Google Power.

And here’s the thing . . . if you decide creating a book for your business is the right move to make, you get a powerful team in one when you hire me to help you. As a skilled copywriter and marketing strategist, I can help you craft an entire marketing strategy for your natural health business that taps into the book and uses it to the fullest.

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