B2B Nutraceutical Copywriting

B2B Copywriting That Gets Attention And Builds Credibility In A Swiftly Changing Industry

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The nutrition industry is dynamic.

Each day there are new discoveries and new developments. This is a business that is constantly moving, improving – seeking to provide more and better options for people who want an alternative or complement to conventional medicine.

When marketing to businesses in this industry – as an ingredient supplier, a testing service, formulator/manufacturer, etc. – you need to keep three levels of the marketplace in mind . . . 3 prospects, in a sense:

Prospect #1:  The business representative you’re selling to in their official capacity, representing the interests of the business they are part of i.e. the formulator seeking the most bioavailable form of CoQ10 to incorporate in their new heart-health formulation.

Prospect #2:  Really the same as Prospect #1, Prospect #2 is the person behind the official title i.e. Andrea (the formulator) who is really excited about creating something that will make her company shine. Andrea may also be worried about how her career will be jeopardized if she makes the wrong choice and the formulation doesn’t outpace their competitors. She may also be frustrated trying to get the research data on the different ingredients she’s considering.

In general, in addition to the business concerns, each prospect has personal concerns as well that come into the purchase decision.

Prospect #3: The prospect Andrea and her business is trying to reach. What are consumers looking for in their heart-health formulations and CoQ10 supplements?

  • As a trade journalist, covering the nutrition industry through my work for Nutrition Business Journal . . .
  • As a skilled B2C copywriter . . .
  • As a former health advocate and educator who has worked closely with health care professionals . . .
  • And as a researcher with a BA in Biology, ready to dig into technical information . . .

I’m well-prepared to make sure your B2B copy works for you to generate solid leads and turn them into business.

Here’s what one satisfied client had to say:

We were in a jam.  A Singapore distributor was interested in moving our products, but needed some more information to clinch the deal.  I approached Sarah and she suggested a white paper, walking me through the process.

The white paper Sarah wrote for us did a beautiful job of positioning us in the marketplace.  It was accessible, well-written with solid research behind it.  It helped us finalize the Singapore deal and we have used it to support other accounts  in Turkey, Asia and Greece.  These business deals have helped our family business grow – even in this recession.

I highly recommend Sarah to other businesses looking for an excellent sales writer who understands the natural products industry.

– Adena Surabian, Founder and President, Nature’s Baby Organics

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