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Learn How To Write Irresistible Copy for Nutritional Supplements


Sarah and Bob, KUDOS – you’ve done it again with your e-book: ‘Writing Irresistible Copy for Nutritional Supplements.’ Succinct and comprehensive, this is a great blueprint for success that any copywriter can use to niche their business! Any copywriter or marketer who specializes in supplement copy should have this information by their computer for reference. I know I will!”

Peter Fogel, Alternative Health Copywriter

If you’re marketing nutritional supplements, this book will enable you to write hardworking, response-generating copy.

I’ve packed this chock full of tips, insights and experience from some of the best copywriters in the business: Clayton Makepeace, Carline Anglade-Cole, Parris Lampropoulos, Steve Wexler, Suzanne Shelton, Peter Fogel and my editor, Bob Bly.

In it you will find nuggets of gold like:

  • 9 basic characteristics of nutritional supplement buyers. Also, how to get beyond these broad brushstrokes and learn even more about your prospect.
  • Whether to use a more scientific or emotional tone in your copy.
  • What builds credibility and where to find it.
  • 3 approaches to great headlines and leads.
  • How to organize your body copy so your prospect doesn’t get lost.
  • How to make an irresistible offer.
  • What element often loses the sale at the last minute if not done correctly.
  • How to address contraindications or health concerns connected to your product.
  • How to navigate FDA and FTC guidelines on writing copy for nutritional supplements and what third regulating body should you pay attention to.

You will find all this and more in this thorough guide to writing copy for nutraceuticals. To get an hour’s worth of consulting with any one of the top copywriters interviewed for this book, you’d have to pay at minimum $500/hour and up to $5000/hour – and that’s if you could even get an appointment. But here, you get to tap into the savvy of all 7 of them for only $39.

The price is nothing when you consider the value you’re getting.

Plus, when you purchase this you’ll get four other invaluable reports, worth over $100, written by Bob Bly: How to Double Your Response Rates At Half The CostSecrets of Successfull Business-To-Business Direct MarketingHow To Market Subscription Newsletters and Other Information Products, and Online Marketing That Works. Each of these reports is listed for $29 but you will get them free when you purchase Writing Irresistible Copy For Nutritional Supplements.

And here’s a few comments from extremely satisfied readers:

Sarah’s book Writing Irresistible Copy For Nutritional Supplements is an absolute steal for what she charges. Just the research resources alone are worth several times what the ebook costs. And the copywriting techniques are invaluable -whether you’re a supplement marketer like me, or a nutrition copywriter. If you’re in the nutritional supplement business, getting this ebook is a no-brainer!

Kurt Hagemeister, President  |  Trillium Nutritionals  |  Ann Arbor, Michigan

This is a great resource for any copywriter who is breaking into the nutritional supplement market. It’s comprehensive–covering everything from coming up with an overall strategy for writing the copy to keeping the right tone in your body copy, from differentiating yourself in the market to building and even diversifying your business. And I love the way it provides pointers from different copywriters throughout the text. Well done!

Krista Jones, Freelance Copywriter

And there is absolutely no risk.  If for any reason the ebook doesn’t meet your expectations, just contact the publisher, CTC communications, within 90 days and you’ll get a complete refund. The ebook itself will stay in your hands, compliments of us.

So there’s no reason not to add this tool to your nutritional supplement copywriting arsenal . . .

Get your guide to writing irresistible nutritional supplement copy.