Recommended Copywriting Courses

These Highly Recommended Health Copywriting Courses Can Make Your Business!

These copywriting courses have formed the bedrock of my business . . .

They helped me launch it

  • While I was a professional writer for over a decade before becoming a copywriter, I knew very little about marketing copy. These courses helped me transform my writing skills into powerful salesmanship.

They helped me improve my business . . .

  • Even now – with close to a decade of copywriting under my belt – I still invest in courses, go back to the old ones and refresh my skills and perspective. To be a good copywriter, you have to never stop learning. And never rest on your laurels, assuming you understand it all. These courses keep me on my toes and effective as a copywriter.

They helped me start new businesses . . .

  • Copywriter courses aren’t just for copywriters. First, plenty of successful business owners do their own copywriting. And when you combine your knowledge of your product or service and your passion to help people with some good copywriting skills, you can create very powerful copy.

But even if you don’t write your own copy and hire someone like me to do it for you, it helps to know what copywriting is all about. It puts you in a better position to work with the copywriters you hire and assess the final results.

And for the record, each of these courses I recommend I’ve purchased myself and used. While I do get a commission on most of the sales off this website, I’m promoting them because I’ve seen what they can do for me in my business. And I know – if you put them to use – they can do the same for you.

Each course has paid for itself dozens of times over!

  • If you’re just starting a freelance writing business or trying to move yours forward, you’ll get more information about the courses I recommend and overall strategy for growing your business in my e-course on Becoming a Freelance Writer.

I’m a farmer and a businesswoman. I love supporting other farmer/business owners around the world in becoming self-sufficient, productive and prosperous through hard work and smarts.  That’s why . . .

10% of sales from the Healthy Marketing Ideas Store goes to Heifer International to help farmer/entrepreneurs around the world.

Before, I get started on the specifics, please note. Most of the courses I’ve taken are through American Writers And Artists Incorporated (AWAI).

Through my work as a copywriter, I know that AWAI has a solid reputation for teaching effective, results-generating direct response copywriter skills for a variety of mediums.  Many businesses recognize the credentials of an AWAI course under your belt.  Having networked with many copywriters who have started up in the last decade, I know that AWAI has helped them open many doors and get off to a solid start.

I would start with their most basic course,

The Accelerated Program For Six-Figure Copywriting

This is square one.  You don’t have to have a background as a writer or a marketer – this course will teach you what you need to know to become a good, solid copywriter. Responsible for helping 1000’s of students enter into this industry, hungry for new talent, this course will give you everything you need to get started. Comes with spec assignments. To find out more about this course, click here.

The Master’s Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

AWAI’s Accelerated course will give you the basics to write solid copy, but if you really want to master the craft, this course is it. Written by top copywriter and businessman Michael Masterson, this course breaks down great copywriting techniques like “The Velvet Curtain” and “The Four-Legged Stool” in each chapter. These are the solidly-tested techniques that make your copy fly a level above the rest. The course comes with a swipe file and spec assignments as well. AWAI just finished updating this course so it’s even better than when I first took it.

To get yourkey to A-level copywriting, click here.

Secrets of Writing For the Health Market

If you want to learn about health copywriting, here’s the place to start. This course draws from the solid experience of the Health Science Institute, a division of Agora Publishing that is one of the leaders in the direct response industry. In addition to excellent instruction, course includes a spec assignment, swipe file and directory of the biggest health mailers according to Target Marketing. Better yet, it’s just recently been updated.

Find out more about how who can get into this lucrative copywriting niche here.

Nick Usborne’s Million Dollar Secrets To Online Copywriting

The internet continues to grow and provide opportunities for copywriters, even more so now that companies are trying to budget with their marketing. And if you’re going to learn about web copywriting, you should turn to Nick Usborne. I hired Nick as a personal writing coach and gained great insights through the experience. Nick relies on a very tactical perspective when he writes for the web. He explains this perspective and shows you how to apply it to web pages and e-communication. This course teaches you his special take on web copy that will turn your writing into gold. And it has also just been updated.

I highly recommend this course – to find out more go here.

Success Works SEO Copywriting Certificate Program

Many new health copywriters contact me asking what’s the best way to break into the business. And here’s my answer – learn how to write Search Engine Optimized (SEO) copy.

  1. If there is one area where business is booming it’s in online copy. And when it comes to writing online,the place where the demand is the highest is in SEO copywriting.
  2. While Heather is exceptional in the SEO with her focus on conversion and integration of direct response principles, it’s not as competitive as direct mail or online direct response copywriting. 
  3. SEO requires a lot of focus on content through blogging and other online copywriting. It’s also a great way to transition from more journalistic writing to copywriting.

If there is someone who can teach you everything you need to know about SEO and keep you inspired and enthusiastic, it’s the “Queen of SEO copywriting”, Heather Lloyd-Martin.

Heather is a terrific teacher and has been doing this longer than anyone. But she doesn’t rest on her laurels. She’s constantly working to keep up with the latest shifts and turns in the SEO world and pass them on to her students.

Heather’s just updated this course. I highly recommend this course to anyone thinking about how to get their foot in the door in online health copywriting.

Sign up for Heather’s invaluable SEO copywriting course.

Charlie Page’s Solid Marketing Strategies

Charlie Page loves to help people succeed online like he has. And to do so he’s created an incredibly rich resource – The Directory of Ezines.

Ezines are the hidden gold of online advertising. They don’t get the attention of Facebook and pay per click. But they deliver great results. That’s why the smartest direct response marketers use them.

Ezines deliver your message to a well-defined audience. And better yet, this audience has already developed a relationship with the publisher that translates into a certain amount of trust in your ad.

In The Directory of Ezines, Charlie shows you step by step how to advertise in ezines economically and strategically. He offers templates, plans, articles and even free one-on-one consulting.

And to top it off, he gives you a directory of well-vetted ezines, organized by interests, so you can find your ideal selling spot more easily.

I recommend Charlie’s sites because of the rich resources there. But even more importantly, I recommend his solid approach to marketing. Email marketing continues to outpace social media in customer acquisition. And it outpaces direct mail in ROI. Charlie offers a great way to use ezines to build your email marketing platform.

When you become a member of his Directory Of Ezines site, you get a clear roadmap to how to fit this all together plus all the resources you need to make it happen for your business.

You can sign up for Charlie’s site here

Daniel Levis’ Storytelling Email Magic

I love reading Daniel’s emails. Even when I’m not interested in what he’s selling, they’re always entertaining.

I first came across Daniel Levis in Clayton Makepeace’s Total Package. And I’ve continued to follow him after the Package stopped publishing.

Daniel has a knack for keeping marketing interesting, exciting and – powerful. He calls it magic. I call it carefully crafted storytelling woven together with sharp strategic marketing.

Because here’s the thing . . . while storytelling done well seems natural and effortless, the truth is it’s not easy to do. Daniel gives you a system for planning your storytelling in copy and putting it together inch by inch. He has created worksheets and templates that help you start with nothing and end with a rich, seductive tapestry of storytelling copy.

I’ve invested in his courses on emails and storytelling copywriting. And I highly recommend them.

Here’s the link right here.

Great Marketing and Copywriting Books From Bob Bly

Bob Bly has been copywriting for over a quarter-century. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”, a title that many top copywriters would heartily endorse. But one of the things that makes Bob so outstanding to me (and you) is his skill at teaching the art of copywriting. His book, The Copywriter’s Handbook, is considered the Bible of copywriting. He’s written over 70 books on marketing and copywriting.

Everything I’ve read by Bob has been incredibly instructive – clear and based on experience. And compared to all the copywriting and marketing programs that cost 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars, most of his products only cost between $29 and $39. Top advice for minimal cost.

Click here to see the entire list of Bob Bly’s great products for business-building, marketing, copywriting and more.

Great Gary Halbert Resources From Halbertising

Ask any direct response copywriter and marketer about who are the great copywriters and the late Gary Halbert will be one of them.

While sadly, Mr. Halbert passed away a few years back, his sons, Bond and Kevin, have continued to make his insights available . . . and build on them with their own experience as marketers and copywriters.

You can access his invaluable set of newsletters for FREE here:

Let me emphasize, his letters are not just about copywriting but goldmines when it comes to marketing overall. As a business owner, you owe it to yourself to read through his letters and put them to use.

Bencivenga’s Straight-Shooting Copywriting and Marketing Bullets

A few years ago before my family went on vacation I printed out every single page of Gary Bencivenga’s Bullets. No matter how often I go back to them, I make new brain wrinkles as I see things differently.

Along with Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga is probably considered the most effective copywriter ever.

Mr. Bencivenga has generously made his goldmine of copywriting bullets FREE. You won’t be disappointed by taking the time to read them . . . over and over again!

You can get access to his free Bullets here:

Clayton Makepeace’s Total Package

When I started out copywriting, I read every one of Clayton Makepeace’s Total Package blog posts eagerly.

Clayton Makepeace is also considered one of the great’s – known in particular for his ability to tap into people’s emotions with his copy.

But like Gary Halbert, he’s also a passionate marketer. These pages contain loads of business-building revelations.

Clayton no longer publishes the Total Package. But he’s kindly archived them and continued to make them available for free.

You can access them right here:

The Ultimate Travel Writers Program

How would you like to stay in a five-star hotel for free? Or get paid to travel to Thailand and sit on the beach? Or even just get a nice tidy side-income from taking photographs on your vacations or around your home town. Not only do magazines and newspapers pay writers for articles about traveling, but even better, hotels, restaurants, museums and more provide travel writers with complementary services! I’ve used this course to take my family skiing for a weekend in two different resorts, go out to dinner, go horseback riding and even go on a spa weekend treat!

Written by well-established travel writers for AWAI, this program gives you all the tools you need to set up a travel writing career – part-time or full-time. Get your ticket to travel.