Direct Mail Packages

Direct Mail Is As Powerful As Ever – Put It To Work For Your Business

You hear a lot about how direct mail is dead – replaced by friendly Facebook, easy email and mobile mojo.

But it doesn’t matter how high-tech your prospect is . . . nothing sticks with people longer than something they can hold in their hands, put on the counter, stick in a book, lend to a friend . . . or even notice as they’re bagging up the recycling!

We’re still physical creatures. And physical advertisement has staying power that has yet to be beaten.

Direct Mail’s Got Marketing Muscle

According to the Direct Mail Association, 70% of consumers prefer getting advertisements by mail. And this same 70-80% opens all their envelopes.

And let’s be clear, this isn’t just old fuddy duddies like me. An eye-opening 90% of millennials say they prefer to get offers by mail.

According to 2015 data, direct mail’s ROI of $19 is on a par with email and other affordable online advertising mediums and well below the $40-50 ROI of online display ads.  Even more significantly, direct mail’s average response rate of 3.7% was far beyond the paltry 0.1% response rates found in online mediums. Only telephone marketing outpaced direct mail.

Sure, it may cost a little more up front. But its power makes this investment worth it. And as more companies ditch the mail for the latest online trend, the clutter in consumer’s mailboxes has gone down. This means your package can stand out even more.

Direct Mail Complements Online Marketing Perfectly!

Finally, using direct mail does not negate tapping into the internet’s busy marketplace. It works beautifully with online marketing. Direct mail expert, Craig Simpson points out that one of his favorite tactics is to use postcards to drive traffic to online video sales letters (VSL’s).

Even the postal service has picked up on this. In 2016, they’ve started offering discounts for direct mail that drives traffic online.

As you can see, direct mail is certainly not dead.

Let Me Help You Put Direct Mail To Work For Your Business

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