Natural Health Copywriting Services

Natural Health Copywriter Services

You should know three things about my natural health copywriting services:

First of all I write hard-working copy – copy that grabs attention, holds it and elicits action. I don’t write to sound pretty per se, unique or win an artistic award. I write to sell your products or services.

Secondly, I always bring a strategic eye to any project I take on. I look beyond the copy to whole marketing plan. I’ve learned that effective implementation is the key to making sure my copy does the job it’s made to do. And I want to see it work.

And thirdly,

Whether it’s B2B marketing materials for the nutraceutical industry or B2C writing for the health market . . . online and off . . .

All of my natural health copywriting projects follow a five-step process, designed to produce hard-working copy:

A Methodical 5 Step Process for Excellent Copy

Step 1. An initial “download”

I take you through a series of questions about the project online and/or over the phone. This takes about 30-40 minutes.

These questions help me understand your goals, your company, your competition, your product and how well the market knows your product and the problem it’s created to solve.

Step 2. Background research

This is perhaps the most important step of all.

I review our conversation and the materials you’ve provided. Then I dig into research on my own.

  • I spend hours on Pub-Med and ScienceDaily reviewing studies. Plus, I look at consumer articles. I’ll usually take a trip to the library or buy some books as well to make sure I’m covering the full spectrum of info.
  • I look at what your competitors are putting out there.
  • I review your current marketing materials – both successes and failures.
  • And finally, perhaps most importantly, I research your prospect. I use a variety of sources to ferret out what they’re concerned about, what they’re frustrated with, what they dream about . . . and what words they use to talk about all of this.

Step 3. Writing the first draft

I’d like to say I’ve gotten this down to a formula. But I’m always shifting things around.

After organizing the basic body in my mind, I’ll usually spend a while focused on headlines and the lead. If I don’t get this right, it doesn’t matter what else I come up with. Because no one will read the copy to begin with.

Often after I’ve finished writing the main body, I’ll return to the headlines. Writing helps me gain insights and perspective that allows me to sharpen up the headlines and lead.

This can take anywhere from a week to three weeks, depending on the size of the project.

Step 4. Your turn – review

You review the first draft and make suggestions for any tweaks or changes. We can review your feedback together over the phone if you like.

Often this first draft is reviewed by your legal counsel as well. I always offer to meet with the lawyer directly to go over his or her suggestions since it usually requires some back-and-forth discussion to arrive at compliant copy that sells.

Step 5. Revision

I make any revisions and submit the final copy to you. You are never charged for revisions that are within the scope of the original agreed upon project. As long as your requests for edits are submitted within 30 days of the first draft, I’ll do the revising at no extra charge.

What Kind of Strategic Marketing Materials Or Services Do You Need?

Direct response mail packages

B2B white papers or B2C reports

Web site planning and web page writing

Landing pages or video sales letters (VSL’s)

Email sales letters or autoresponder series

Newspaper or magazine advertorials

Content Marketing

Customer Retention Audit and Planning

Other marketing collateral – sell sheets, inserts, brochures, etc.

**Please note, if you don’t see your project listed here, let me know – this is not an exhaustive list.

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