Information Marketing

Don’t Let Your Information Marketing Business Shrivel Because You Can’t Reach Your Market

Information marketing is a terrific way to start a business and make money . . . If you can get customers.

See, while the info-marketing industry holds plenty of promise, there’s a huge graveyard of information products. These products moulder in storage or online and never bring in the millions their creators dreamed they would.

And, let’s be clear, most of these information products are decent, solid products. Sure, you’ll find a few that – like Frankenstein – could only be truly loved and appreciated by their creator.

But most info products are useful and marketable.

They just haven’t been marketed right.

That’s where I come in.

As a Dan Kennedy trained and certified information marketing copywriter and strategist*, I can help you avoid this tragic fate with your info business.

  • I can help you hone in on the specific market you should be courting and help you tune your marketing message to their ears;
  • I can help you develop a strategic sales funnel that helps you gain a steady stream of customers;
  • Even more importantly, I can help you keep these new customers and help you increase your customer lifetime value (CLV);

And finally

  • As a skilled writer, ghostwriter and former educator, I can help you fine-tune you existing products and help you create new ones.
  • Health information products, self-help, and biz-op – I write for all three markets.

Truly, while the info-marketing business is a great place to make money, it’s also tough. This has become increasingly so because people are so used to getting free information online.

You have to work hard to communicate the value of your product and distinguish it from all those freebies on the web. You have to make people want your product so bad, the won’t hesitate and shop around. They’ll dive right in.

To make an information marketing business work, you have to be persuasive and strategic.

Ready to inject your information marketing business with some strategic thinking and persuasive copy? Send me an email for your FREE introductory problem-solving consultation. (30 minutes)

We can schedule an initial half-hour meeting to discuss your business goals and marketing plans.

* Required Disclaimer: The Dan Kennedy Copywriter for Info-Marketers Certification is awarded to professional copywriters who have successfully completed a course of study of preparation for such copywriting.  This Certification has not been provided by an accredited education institution.  It does not constitute endorsement of or liability for any individual copywriter by Mr. Kennedy or any companies or organizations affiliated with Mr. Kennedy.  The client’s relationship is solely with the individual copywriter retained via any agreement.