VSL’s And Landing Pages

Why A VSL Can Transform Your Natural Health Business

In truth, there’s something a little weird about the power of a video sales letter (VSL).

I mean, who would have thunk it – that simply marrying the audio of someone reading a sales letter with some Power Point slides displaying the written words would have that much more selling power.

Jon Benson, who invented VSL’s, calls them “ugly video sales letters” because there’s nothing on face value that should make them that extraordinary.

But somehow or other it works!

There’s a lot of speculation going around as to why this format works so well . . .

  • Some say it’s because it builds intimacy and connection quickly. Simply having a human voice adds dimension, emotion and personality to the sales process that’s hard to replicate in straight copy alone.
  • Others point out that the viewer is forced to go through the full, carefully crafted sales message. This is in contrast to the way people tend to skim and skip around on a static sales page.
  • Finally, some conjecture that it makes your business look slick. Even though it’s just Power Point with a simple audio, it looks like more has been invested in the advertisement.

All of these reasons make sense. And from personal experience, I have to admit that there’s almost something a little hypnotic about watching the words on the screen while someone reads them to you.

Bottom line, they tend to convert much better than static sales pages.

Plus, unlike other forms of video, they’re relatively easy and cheap to produce.

How To Add VSL Power To Your Business

To create a video sales letter script, I follow a very similar approach to a sales letter or static landing page. However, there are a few things I make sure I incorporate:

  1. I let people know right away what the presentation is about – what the promise is. This way it gives people a clear reason to keep watching.
  2. I usually introduce the spokesperson early on and establish their credentials. This is crucial for establishing credibility and holding your audience. Sometimes I might start with an attention-grabbing story instead. But I quickly move to introducing the spokesperson as soon as I can.
  3. I try to keep things a little simpler than when I write a static sales page. It can be challenging to do this when you’re talking about the biochemistry of nutritional products. But people have a harder time taking in complex ideas when they’re presented aurally.

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