Website Optimization

A Good Web Copywriter Can Optimize Your Website Like Nothing Else

Sure people like pretty websites . . . nice, clear pictures are good, too.

But when it comes down to it, the words on your website make all the difference. Few – if any – items can be sold on images alone.

That’s why a strategic web copywriter can make such a difference when it comes to your website. By bringing together strategic direct response copywriting, SEO strategy, some usability awareness, a good copywriter can turn your website into a selling machine.

  • A good web copywriter can make it easy for visitors to know where to go to accomplish tasks.
  • A good web copywriter distinguishes your company, products and services with clear, effective copy.
  • And a good web copywriter keeps visitors on your site longer, moving them strategically towards taking action and becoming a lead or a customer.

Good website copywriting makes all the difference.

When you hire me to write or revise your web pages, here’s what I incorporate in my writing:

  • Your briefing:  Along with background information about your company, products and competitors, I need two essential bits of info:  Your purpose for each page and your ideal visitor/prospect.
  • Prospect research:  I use the analytics from your website, information about your advertising placement, testimonials and other demographic data you provide to begin fleshing out your visitors.  In addition, I take advantage of online forums and product reviews to get a better sense of your prospect’s top concerns and language.
  • Product research: Combining both materials you provide me and my own research, I develop a thorough understanding of your product.  Materials may include past promotions, competitor promotions, published and unpublished research, related media coverage, and interviews with key personnel.
  • Key word integration: Based on key words/phrases that are either provided by you or identified by me, I integrate key words and phrases in order to optimize your pages for search engine rankings.

Each project fee includes two revisions within the scope of the original project.

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