Become A Freelance Health Writer

Become A Freelance Health Writer

If you’ve been struggling to figure out, “How do I become a freelance health writer?”, I know exactly how you feel.

Believe me, I’ve been where you are now. Years ago, I was in the same place. I had read countless descriptions of the wonderful life of  a health writer – but I still hadn’t been able to make it my own.

Well, here’s some help – free help.

I’m going to share with you some of the best things I did to move myself from asking that question . . . to having a solid, income-generating freelance health writing business.

It’s all in the 14 or so email bites I’m going to send you over the two weeks.

I thought about putting together a report – but then I thought about how often I plow through a good report and then remember only one or two steps.  With an email course, you’ll be getting each tactic as one digestible bite a day.

(And so you can have it for safe keeping – I’ll still send you a PDF of the whole thing at the end.)

Just tell me where to send these chewy tactical bites of health copywriting business building blocks – and I’ll get them headed your way . . .

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