Content Marketing

A Powerful Content Marketing Strategy For Natural Health Businesses

Content marketing is a proven and cost-effective way to establish your company’s presence on the web. It adds a powerful boost to any SEO work, bringing in organic and direct/referred traffic. It’s a powerful way to leverage existing information you may have created for your company. And – by emphasizing quality content – it also helps establish your company as a trusted advisor within your market.

This approach basically entails three steps:

  1. Creating search engine optimized blog posts. At regularly scheduled intervals (i.e. weekly or biweekly), these blog posts are published on your website and the link to these blog posts are sent out to your email list in the form of an ezine.
  2. This same blog post is repurposed in various forms – press releases, alternative articles, social media posts, etc. – for distribution online.
  3. Within 1-3 hours of sending the link to the weekly/biweekly post to your list, I publish repurposed versions of this content at 10-20 online publishing venues (free press release sites, article directories, forums, social media spots, topical syndication sites, etc.)

By distributing this content and links back to your website within a specific timeframe, it creates a more significant bump in traffic. This noticeable “surge” is something search engines pick up on, drawing their attention to your website. Thus, it provides an added boost to your onsite SEO efforts.

To implement this content marketing strategy, I work on a retainer with a minimum of 3 months commitment. In this capacity, I provide the following services:

  • Developing an editorial calendar in consultation with your team;
  • Developing a list of content marketing publishing venues that fit with your company and the content I’ll be creating.
  • Researching and developing SEO blog posts. Editing these based on your feedback;
  • Repurposing each post for the various content marketing formats (press release, alternative articles, social media, etc.)
  • Publishing this repurposed content at 10-20 online publishing venues in coordination with the ezine distribution to your list;
  • Monitoring the impact of this activity on your website traffic and reporting on this on a regular basis.

This strategy was created by direct response marketer, Wendy Montes De Oca and is fully documented in her book, Content Is Cash. I highly recommend her book and the content on her website.

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